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A trip to New Zealand is a fascinating experience that you will never forget . High mountains , volcanoes , geysers , rainforests , waterfalls , vast plains and fabulous coastal areas offer a variety of different experiences. From nature lovers up to the adrenaline junkie every visitor from New Zealand is drawn into the spell. This variety of impressions you can mainly find in a rental car and be so self- discoverer . Away from the tourist trail to learn this fascinating country on their own and so do your own highlights.

New Zealand consists of the South and the North Island and extends to a length of 1600 km and a maximum width of 450 km . The capital city of Wellington is located on the North Island and three quarters of the four million inhabitants of New Zealand live there. The travelers here there is an impressive natural landscape , which among other volcanoes in the Tongariro National Park, a 104km stretch of beach on the Aupouri Peninsula in the north, ancient rainforests in the west and one of the most popular holiday regions of New Zealand , the Bay of Islands, in the more than 100 small islands scattered lie in a bay, can provide.

The South Island is separated by the 35km wide Cook Strait from the North Island . Here is the Mount Cook, with a height of 3 754m is the highest mountain in New Zealand . To the Southern Alps around there are numerous lakes, which attract with bright blue water the viewers attention . The landscape is characterized by fjords and vast plains , the Canterbury Plains, tighten up between the coast and the Alps. Due to this contrasting landscape , parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed in the South Island , because it is the Southern Alps offer incredibly beautiful panoramas. Explore the natural wonders of New Zealand with a rental car and make your own impression of the beauty of the country. Visit our website to know more.

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